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Car Mechanic Simulator Patch 1.05 Released, 1.06 In Development

Update x3: Patch 1.08 in development.

Update x2: Red Dot Games apologizes for buggy launch.

Update: Patch 1.06 will releasing today, patch 1.07 in development.


Red Dot Games have released yet another patch for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. The newest patch is 1.05 and the company is already working on a 1.06 patch that hasn’t been released yet. This means that there has been 5 updates in four days with 4 of them releasing in under 48 hours.

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You can view the 1.05 patch notes and the plans for the 1.06 notes down below..

– #benchFront in orders fix
– auto savegame after finishing orders
– added Rear Muffler E to the shop
– rare problem with installing wheels fixed
– car sell game crash fix
– fixed using ENTER when mounting group of parts making game hang
– you cannot take off oil cap and dipstick from engine crain now
– some parts need to be disassembled before installing engine on crain now working properly
– missions description now should resize correctly
– upgrade reset now will not reset garage updates
– bug with selling licence plate
– you cannot move car to parking without wheels
– item sell price corrected
– Engine Heads (V8 OHV D) names fixed
– interior assemble and disassemble localization fix
– V8 OHV D fixes
– rotary oil pan bolts fixed


– REPAIR BENCH not showing parts to repair fixed
– WHEELs can be installed properly now. No more “no items to work with” on balanced wheels for some cars
– fixed ingame DLC menu showing wrong installed dlcs
– menu ui fixes
– mazda rx7 exhaust manifold fix
– mazda rx3 exhaust manifold fix
– mazda rx7 air filter box fix
– added TUTORIAL screen overlay information
– Mayen M3 4×4 is now 4×4 not FWD
– Selecting profile will not move you to back Profiles list
– INTERIOR parts are now saved, so if you changed steering wheel or seat it will load it
– fixed bug that make black screen in various location (related to Interior parts)
– performance optimalizations
– small changes in car configurations
– fixed garage collisions
– fixed garage level 2 upgrade shelf clipping

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