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Bungie Reveals April Update Contents

April Update
Bungie has revealed that their April Update is coming out on April 12th and that it will have a lot of goodies. To start things off Community Leader Deej quickly informed viewers on the Twitch stream that there will be a light level increase from 320 to 335. From there they revealed the Reef. Not much has changed here except for Eververse having its own area here now. They then announced that Variks has been busy capturing Taken and putting them into the Prison of Elders. Within the Prison Of Elders you have two different variants. The first being the classic four random bosses at a lower level (260 Light Level recommended.). You can gain rewards each time you complete the Prison of Elders lower tier, no keys required. Then the Challenge Mode being three boss encounters with specific modifiers and a score to obtain (320 Light Level recommended.). To enter the Challenge Mode you must have an Elder’s Sigil from Variks which is similar to the Trials of Osiris pass that keeps score.

The Elder Sigil

The Elder’s Sigil

The score is based on different things such as kills, orb creation, assists, and much more. There will be modifiers that will affect different goals. Specifically shown was a Precision Kill modifier granting higher points per kill if it is a precision shot. Then it gets doubled for the second round and tripled for the third and final round. There were two scores shown on the scorecard, the top being a High Score based off the three rounds together that your friends are on. You can not farm this as it will reset to what you had at the beginning of the round if you wipe or if you all die. The second score is based on your entire time in the Prison of Elders for that week. Scorecards will erase after one weeks time. Also, checkpoints have been added to Prison of Elders so that you’re not wasting an entire day or night on trying to get through with out needed to reset the entire process. One boss escapes from Variks though and is challenging for the Taken throne. In a new strike announced during the stream we will be trying to take him down before he gains power. Also announced was an update to the Winters Run strike meaning the Archon Priest is getting a Taken Varient which fits nicely with the Prison of Elders theme since he escaped the Prison as well.
The Blighted Chalice Strike Boss Malok

The Blighted Chalice Strike Boss Malok

Archon Priest Taken Form

Archon Priest Taken Form

The Kingsfall Raid has not been forgotten in the April Update with the Normal Raid gear drops moving up to Light Level 320 and Hard Raid moving to 335. Bungie will be announcing more about what we can expect next Wednesday at 2PM Eastern and 11AM Pacific with another Twitch Stream. You can find that

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