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Bandai Namco To Open VR Zone In Tokyo


Bandai Namco have announced they will be opening a virtual reality experience known as VR Zone: Project i Can” in the Tokyo Plaza this April.

The VR Zone will be open from April 15 til mid-October and will operate by appointments. The purpose of the VR Zone is to get feedback from users to explore possibilities of virtual reality by acting as a virtual reality research facility.

Below are some of the games that will be features in the VR Zone..


  • “Fear of Heights Show” – An extreme test of courage where you rescue a cat left behind on a thin plank 200 meters above the ground.
  • “Skii Rodeo” – A downhill skiing experience set on a snowy cliff.
  • “Real Drive” – A sports driving experience where the vehicle behaves just like a real car.
  • “Escape Ward Omega” – A “were we really attacked?” horror experience where you enter a giant, ruined hospital ward together with everyone.
  • “Train Master” – A railroad operation experience where you experience train control just like the real thing as a train driver for JR Yamanote.
  • “Argyle Shift” – A cinematic experience where together with a girl, you enter the cockpit of a giant robot and battle.


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