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Adventure of Pip World Record Set

Adventure of Pip has received much success from both critics and players alike after being released just last month. The 2D side scroller is also receiving an emerging speedrunning community built up as well.

Today a player our of Sweden who goes by the name Kydde set the world record for Adventures of Pip under the Any% category. The posted time was 2 hours 6 minutes 27 seconds. This beats the previous record holder Maestro227’s time of 2 hours 7 minutes 1 second. It’s ok for Maestro as he still holds the world record under the 100% category with a posted time of 2 hours 45 minutes 37 seconds.

The community is very small and as far as posted times these 2 are the only ones to do it. So feel free to purchase your copy and post your own score.

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