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Activision Blizzard Accused Of Fighting Against New York workers Union

Activision Blizzard are once again accused of trying to prevent a workers union with the latest accusation coming from the Game Workers’ Alliance Albany branch. In a tweet this past Wednesday, the union states the company have “made a clear and conscious decision” to deny basic labor rights while spending money on union-busting initiatives. The group stated:

It appears that Activision Blizzard’s management has once again decided to take the low road by choosing to fight against our union in spite of the fact that 95% of us have signed union representation cards.

Almost every time this company has the opportunity to begin to repair its reputation and demonstrate that it respects its workers, it declines to do so.

Earlier this year, Activision fought fiercely against the supermajority of Raven QA workers who wanted a union voice. Activision lost that fight. And it’s clear that the company will lose again this time.

Instead of following Microsoft’s lead and committing to a labor neutrality agreement, Activision has made the clear and conscious decision to deny us our basic labor rights while once again spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a union-busting firm.

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After the failure to recognize the will of the workers at Raven Software, Activision has been given another chance to redeem itself in the eyes of not only its workers but also the public. There was reason to think this time could be different.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick had even sent a letter informing employees that the company would negotiate a contract with the Raven QA workers in good faith.

But in an unfortunate and unsurprising turn of events, the company has chosen to delay recognition of our union in an futile effort to disband it.

We remain willing to engage with management productively if ABK leadership will commit to high road labor standards. However, if Activision continues its hostility, we are more than ready to go forward and win the formal legal recognition our union deserves.”

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Since then, a spokesperson for Activision Blizzard told Kotaku:

“Given the significant impact this change could have for roughly 150 people in Albany (formerly Vicarious Visions), we believe every employee in Albany who works on Diablo should have a direct say in this decision; it should not be made by fewer than 15% of employees.”

Blizzard Albany were previously known under the name Vicarious Visions.

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