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The Game That Never Was: Prototype 3

11 years ago Radical Entertainment have the world the open-world action adventure game Prototype which went on to be a critical and commercial success for the company. While some remember the sequel released 3 years later, many don’t know that there was a third game in development.

Shortly after Prototype 2 released in mid-2012, Radical Entertainment started working on a third game in the series with the hopes that it would be a launch title for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Sadly, the game never got that far into development.

Activision nor Radical Entertainment got to even announce the game, but thankfully some early screenshots did fine their way online. While no reason for the cancellation was ever provided, many believe it is due to Activision considering sales of Prototype 2 not selling as well as initially planned and Radical Entertainment falling on financial woes. Sadly, some of the staff were laid off and likely led to the cancellation of the game. This ultimately led the company to closed down in June 2012 and was absorbed into Activision itself.

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