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Overwatch 2 Player Reveals How Many Coins 250 Hours Of Gameplay Gets You

Since launch Overwatch 2 has been blasted for by fans and critics alike for the amount of in-game purchases and prices of each individual item. Despite being able to receive Overwatch Coins from regular play, the amount you receive the the amount of time put into the game has been proven to be minuscule at best.

Case in point goes to Redditor Saul_g0od who revealed they have already spent over 250 hours playing Overwatch 2 only to receive an insultingly low amount of coins. This would equate to 8 hours a day every day since the game first launched back on October 5. After 250 hours and achieving the highest prestige title in Season 1, the player only managed to receive around 250 coins. These is roughly 1/8th of the 1,900 credits a player needs to purchase new legendary skin.

While in-game purchases are not considered a big deal considering that Overwatch 2 is free-to-play, many have been vocal about the high costs of everything that he has even resulted on players wishing for the return of loot boxes. Within the first day, one Redditor found they would have to grind the game for 8 months straight to to achieve enough Overwatch Coins to receive 1 legendary skin. One of the biggest focuses on these prices has been that a physical Pachimari keychain actually costs less than a digital version in the game.

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