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Multiple Former Employees Criticize Motorsport Games, Alleges Financial Trouble and Projects Halted

According to multiple reviews over on Glassdoor, Motorsport Games is rumored to be chaotic behind closed doors with complains ranging from bad management to projects being halted.

The most recent review of the company was placed yesterday with a former employee claiming that future projects have been halted or have had their budgets drastically reduced. This reviewer said under the Cons section:

Outright lies and false promises made by senior management to staff. This ranged from subjects like future titles(that will never come out) to future plans(which either never happened or were significantly scaled down).

The studio is hemorrhaging developers and is resorting to hiring sub-standard developers. There was a hive-mind mentality push from the top-down and diversity of opinion and thought was not welcomed.

This accusation backs up another review from August 16 which said that projects have come to a standstill and noted that the boss spends more time at racing events then they do at the office.

Since April of 2022 all but one review has been overwhelmingly negative with all noting terrible management, financial troubles, and the expectation to be on-call 24/7.

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Motorsport Games are currently developing several titles including video games based on both IndyCar and 24 hours of Le Mans.

Please keep in mind that Glassdoor reviews are anonymous despite the website having a history of being thorough for reviews. Motorsports Games have also yet to make any comment on these allegations.

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