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Interview: Wil Traval Talking Video Games And Acting

This past weekend at Alamo City Comic Con we learned that even those who play superheroes on TV also enjoy playing one in a virtual world. This is especially the case Wil Traval. Traval is recognized by many as Will Simpson in the Netflix series Jessica Jones and for appearing in some of the most popular shows on TV including Arrow, Dexter, Once Upon A Time, and Grimm.

We sat down with Traval to learn more about acting and his favorite video games.


Gaming Conviction: What is your favorite video game franchise?
Wil Traval: My favorite video game franchise would have to be either Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

GC: Have you ever considered trying to do some voiceover rolls for video games?
WT: I’m actually currently doing some voiceover training in L.A. So I could get into gaming or animation.

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GC: Is there a certain company you would like to pursue?
WT: Not really, I’m still a little baby at it, so whatever I could get would be awesome.

GC: Whenever you are playing these heroic characters do you ever go and try to find inspiration from your favorite characters in video games?
WT: I’ve never really given it much thought, but now that you have asked that I will probably end up doing that next time!

GC: Since you really enjoy Fallout and The Elder Scrolls is there a particular character that you really like to play as?
WT: Usually I like to stealth things out, especially in Elder Scrolls. I’m a magic user and I don’t like to go into a battle guns blazing with a battleaxe or sword. I want to get in a distance, pick people off, and plan it out.

GC: How did you get into acting?
WT: When I was in high school I was making short films with a friend of mine, and we got to one-shot filming and somebody needed to be a dentist. We didn’t have anyone to do it so I jumped in front of the camera and loved it. I thought it was amazing. So I stopped making the short films and started to be in front of them. From there I went to acting school in Sydney Australia at La Trobe, and the rest is history.

GC: Was there a special moment from Jessica Jones that you really enjoyed?
WT: Burning up the lab would have to be up there. Every actor wants to blow something up and walk away from the flames. I would also say the fight with Jessica in her apartment and throwing her through the wall. It was fantastic!

GC: Was there somebody on set who was a goofball and always tried to pull pranks?
WT: Kristen Ritter. She takes the job very seriously and you’ll always find her concentrating, but she is a prankster and quite hilarious.

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GC: Have you ever tried playing video games with any of your co-workers?
WT: No! It’s kinda like my dirty little secret. There’s a ton of actors who don’t play games. I’m not quite sure why though. I guess there’s some attitude towards it. I personally find it rewarding, especially with the RPG stuff where there is a lot of story stuff. Cinematically speaking there is a lot of great stuff that happens in gaming. They employ some of Hollywood’s best writers to write these games, so I don’t know why some of these people wouldn’t.

GC: Are there any games that you are looking forward to this year?
WT: I obviously don’t know when Far Cry 5 is releasing, but I’m really looking forward to that. The other would have to be Cuphead. I really want to know what that game comes out!

GC: You said you haven’t played Overwatch. Have you considered it?
WT: I have considered it because so many people have been saying how fun it is, but again I feel like the adrenaline rush would hit me to the point where I wouldn’t go to sleep. Also I could get so addicted that I’ll be locked in for days.



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