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Interview: Playful Corp. Talks Super Lucky’s Tale, E3 Experience, Being Mistaken For Conker

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During Microsoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference, one game that seemed to instantly grab people was Super Lucky’s Tale. Many seem to remember the game as they mistook Lucky for Conker during the introduction, and to say that it is understandable would be an understatement. For me, I found myself captivated by the trailer and Lucky himself. It was at that moment I knew we just had to learn more information about the game.

We spoke with David Calkins, Communcations Director at Playful Corp., to talk about Super Lucky’s Tale, inspirations, and the E3 experience.

Gaming Conviction: What was it like for everyone to see the game presented during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference?
David Calkins
: It was like a fever dream of awesomeness. We were all watching it at the same time, and since it took place on a Sunday, we had to talk about it over Slack. Never have I seen as many emojis, gifs and WOOTS fly across a screen as fast as they did that day.


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GC: What was everyone’s thoughts on many believing the game was a new Conker game at the beginning of the presentation?
: We had a good laugh at that. And then of course we had to go watch whatever videos we could find of Conker gameplay because we’re big fans.


GC:Some have said that the game looks like a kids game due to the graphic style. Are kids the target audience?
: Kids and families are certainly an important audience we keep in mind as we make the game, but ultimately we want to create something that appeals to a wide variety of people, including Xbox gamers. And what we saw from people’s reaction to the game at E3 suggests we’re moving in the right direction. People are seeing it isn’t just this cute game — it’s actually a good platformer. It’s super fun to play. We’ve had a lot of adults and even hardcore gamers tell us this is a day one purchase for them.


GC: What are some of the inspirations for Super Lucky’s Tale?
: Everyone on the team has a platform game that left an impression on them at some point in their lives. The big ones are Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, and Sonic, but there are many others as well. We’ve gone back and revisited many of them as we created both Lucky’s Tale and Super Lucky’s Tale — it’s important for us to reconcile our nostalgic memories of them with our expectations as players today.


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GC: Who is Lucky?
: He is a very curious, brave and fun-loving fox. He’s young in heart, and possibly in age, and his greatest desire in life is to get people to follow him into his world and go on all kinds of adventures with him.


GC: Will Super Lucky’s Tale take advantage of Xbox One X’s 4K capabilities?
: Absolutely! It was running at 4K 60Hz at E3, and, from what we’ve seen in the press and social media, as well as our own experiences stalking the Xbox booth and eavesdropping on play sessions, most people were blown away by how amazing it looked and felt to play.


GC: How much involvement does Microsoft have in the development of Super Lucky’s Tale?
: Microsoft has been an absolutely fantastic partner, giving us this amazing opportunity to share Lucky with the world. They’ve also been great at giving us plenty of room to follow our vision, as well as allowing us to be surprised and delighted as we continue discovering the game in the development process, while providing just enough feedback to make Super Lucky’s Tale as good a game as possible.


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GC: Will gamers be able to jump into the game if they have never played Lucky’s Tale?
: Yep. The game is a full-blown sequel and its story features a new cast of characters, aside from Lucky who is brimming with personality and constantly breaking the fourth wall to enthusiastically beckon to his audience.


GC: Where can our readers keep up with the development of Super Lucky’s Tale?
: They can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and add to their bookmarks.


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