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Wars and Roses 1.020 Patch Notes

Blaze World have released a new update for their First-person shooter/dating sim Wars of Roses. This update fixes issues with the maps, adds marks and the FOV slider, reduces recoil, and other bug fixes.

Wars and Roses is available for PC via Steam. You can view the 1.020 patch notes down below:

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes after rescuing a new girl the game stuck on a certain level.
  • Bug Fix: Overall graphic settings get reset every time.
  • Added FOV slider.
  • Added marker to the last few enemies left.
  • Balanced armor value.
  • Increased accuracy and reduced spread when aiming down sight
  • Increased player weapon accuracy in general
  • Decreased size of crosshair
  • Reduced recoil by a small amount
  • Increased walking speed
  • Player character respond better to inputs(accelerate faster)
  • Reduced movement camera bob
  • Fixed the Train Yard map.
  • Fixed the junkyard and polished the map more.
  • Fixed the Energy Station map.
  • Fixed the Transmitter map.
  • Added hold/release scope function
  • Reduced enemy accuracy in general
  • Added enemy accuracy reduction effect when they get hit
  • Reduced enemy accuracy when the target they are shooting at is moving fast
  • Reduced armor for certain types of enemy
  • Increased bullet velocity by around 2 times, and reduced bullet drop.
  • Improved enemy reaction to shots, making suppressor more useful especially in long-range.

For the next few updates:

  • Keep polishing maps.
  • Keep improving combat balance and gun-play.
  • Polish dating scenes/dialog.
  • Add the wardrobe feature(beta)
  • Polish the dating simulation gameplay.


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