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Rumor: Yakuza Creator Demoted For Accepting “Free Dinner From The Same Company”

Last year Yakuza Creator Toshihiro Nagoshi was demoted from his position as COO of Sega. Now it seems that the reason for the demotion has been made public, and it does not sound good.

According to a user on 5ck, Nagoshi accepted “free dinner from the same company” for 200 working days in a single calendar year. This would equate to all weekdays without the use of personal days. Accepting gifts from another company is considered a big no within management in Japan unless both parties exchange gifts or if it’s an apology.

The chairman of Sega allegedly said:

“Stop receiving entertainment from a particular company every day. I won’t say who, but stop prioritizing your own benefits over the diversity of your company.”

While nothing has been confirmed, the leaker is the same one who correctly predicted that Nagoshi would be demoted nearly two months before an official announcement was made.

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