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Nintendo Blocks Over 1,300 Videos On YouTube Containing Soundtracks

Nintendo are not known to be the most friendly of companies when it comes to fair use and this one you could argue is one of those cases.

A popular YouTuber who goes by GilvaSunner took to Twitter to revealed they received 1,300 copyright blocks on their YouTube channel with all of them containing music from various Nintendo soundtracks. Examples include Kid Icurus Uprising, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario Galaxy, and Kirby’s Dream Land.

This all started back in December 2020 when Nintendo of Japan started blocking various OSTs from their channel with the total count as of the time of publishing being 1,300. Back then, GilvaSunner released the following statement:

Let me clarify again that I do not monetize videos and do not profit from them. I do realize that doesn’t justify uploading the content.

I’m also not angry or surprised that Nintendo is doing this, but I do think it’s a bit disappointing there is hardly an alternative. If Nintendo thinks this is what needs to be done (to set an example), I will let them take down the channel. It is their content after all.

All of these claims came directly from Nintendo of Japan.

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