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Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush Enters Steam Greenlight


FMJ Games have placed their upcoming action game Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush on Steam Greenlight.

You can view a brief overview of the game as well as some features down below..

Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush is 100% full of gameplay! There’s bananas, treasure coins, Piggys in need of saving, locked treasure chests and thats just in the first 10 seconds! Find new abilities like the BUTT-STOMP! by finding the precious Brontosaurus Feather! Unlock the DOUBLE JUMP! by getting the T-Rex Feather! No action game would be complete with out the DASH ATTACK! Swipe the screen to attack and speed boost through the air with no limit! Of coarse it is the Raptor Feather that gives this amazing ability. And the Dragon Feather will give you the ability to unleash a 3 hit combo with the DRAGON BACKFLIP that can do GATE CRUSHING amounts of damage!

Some of the features include the following..

Single Player Adventure with HOURS of gameplay!
Unlock special abilities like Double Jump and Dash Attack!
Boost off pumpkins to get to super high places!
Side quests with POWERFUL rewards!
Boss Fights that require EXTREME fighting action!
Huge levels are like mini worlds and can be explored all over!
Power ups like Big Mode, Speed Boost, Triple Jump, Tiny Mode, and more!
Sword fighting action!
Melee weapons with PHYSICS like the spiked ball and chain weapons!
Randomly generated chests make each play through unique!
Percent based completion, can you beat Reaper Rush to 100% completion?

If you are interested in voting for Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush, you can do so here.

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