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Microsoft E3 Press Conference Wrap Up


Microsoft has just finished up with their E3 Press Conference leaving us with plenty to talk about so let’s start.

First up Xbox showed off the new 40% smaller Xbox One which contains a 2TB HDD. It will feature HDR gaming with 4K resolution capabilities. The controller adds a textured grip to the backside similar to the Elite and the Lunar White Gamestop exclusive controller. This is the Xbox One S for $299.99 releasing early August.

After showing off the new console the are headed to Gears of War 4. Xbox Play Anywhere will allow you to play you games on Windows 10 or Xbox One which will allow you to play your games with your saved data and achievements. The Co-Op campaign, Horde Mode and more is going to be cross-platform compatible. After announcing this they showed off gameplay of cross platform. Gears of War 4 will be released on October 11th, 2016. Alos, being released is an Elite Controller with Gears of War 4 skin.

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Killer Instinct will add a new character from Gears of War. General Raam is coming along with Xbox Play Anywhere for Killer Instinct Season 3.

Forza Horizon 3 is up next and has beach racing, jungle rally racing, off road racing, and of course street races. The location will be Austrailia this time around. They showed cross platform between PC and Xbox One for this game. Forza Horizon 3 now has Co-Op Campaign and four player multiplayer seamlessly. This game is a Xbox Play Anywhere game. September 27th is the release date.

Recore is up next showing off gameplay. With interesting robotics and being able to take the core from one robot and place in another to activate it. Your robots will be extremely useful and helpful with different abilities. Mack and Seth were the two shown with a couple of others on the screen. The release date is September 13th.

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Final Fantasy 15 is up next with a demo. Trial of Titan is the name of it showing off a battle with a colossal creature. Your teammates will heal you and are able to help at any moment. FFXV is coming 9/30/2016.

The Division is up now showing off new DLC coming first on Xbox One. Deadly urban dungeons within the subways of New Yowk. Its called The underground Expansion coming out on June 28th.

Battlefield 1 is up on Xbox’s stage to show off the game with a trailer. October 21st is the release date but through EA Access you can play it on October 13th.

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Xbox Live is up next to discuss upcoming changes to the platform. More live servers around the world allowing a quicker and more reliable service. Background music is finally coming this summer. Language Region Independance so you can choose any language for you. Cortana of course is coming in the Summer Update as well. Xbox has made Clubs which is an area you can come back to and find people you play with. You create your own community through this. Looking For Group on Xbox Live is also coming to help find people on The Division, Minecraft, or Destiny as examples. Arena on Xbox Live is a new Tournament platform on Xbox Live. You can compete solo or with your friends. You can sign up for tournaments from top Developers. EA Sports is a heavy supporter of this.

Minecraft is up now to showcase cross platform on Windows 10, Xbox Live, Android, and iOS can play together. Also, dedicated servers through Realms let you keep worlds up so people can keep playing when you are not on. They showed Xbox Live Achievement on an iPad that counts towards your Gamerscore meaning Achievements are not cross platform as well. It carries over from device to device. Texture packs are coming to Windows 10 and mobile Minecraft with the Friendly Update along with add ons as well where you can change the mobs. There may be more to this but this was the main feature shown. Check out the video below!

Custom Controllers from Microsoft are coming. You build and design it to make it yours. These will cost you $79.99 and $9.99 more if you add text.

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The creators of Limbo have a new game to show off called INSIDE coming June 29th. Limbo is free starting today for Xbox Live users. Cuphead, Outlast, Deliver us the Moon, Flint Hook, Far, Slime Rancher, Figment, The Culling, Beacon, Stardew Valley, Hand of Fate 2, Below, Raiders, Bloodstained, Yooka Laylee, and a couple more that I missed are all ID@Xbox games.

Ark will allow you to have a copy on Windows 10 and cross platform possibly in the future. We Happy Few is being shown off as an ID@Xbox game now. It will be available on Xbox Game Preview on July 26th. CD Projekt Red steps onto the stage to show off a Gwent Card Game coming to console and PC. It will be full multiplayer and cross platform to sign up for the beta. The game itself is said to release this September.

Bandai Namco is showing off Tekken 7. The game will feature seamless gameplay between cinematics and fights. Expect this game Early 2017. This week Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is free.

Dead Rising 4 is being shown off now. Dead rising 4 is going to have a lot of Christmas themed weapons and vehicles. Expect this title Holiday of 2016.

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Scalebound is next up. This is another Xbox Play Anywhere title. Showing off game play this time against a huge enemy that can hide under water. You can fight with friends on your dragons. Coming in 2017

Rare’s new game is up now. Sea of Thieves gameplay was shown through livestreamers playing. No release date was shown though.

State of Decay 2 trailer is shown. Door checking zombies while driving down the road.

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Halo Wars 2 is coming. Creative Assembly and 343 are bringing this new Halo Wars game to Xbox One and Windows 10. It will be out in 2017 but the Beta that starts today.

Xbox is showing off the more powerful console that supports Virtual Reality. Will allow true 4K resolution. Project Scorpio is confirmed and will arrive Holiday 2017. 6 Teraflops of processing speed, 8 core CPU. Xbox is all behind High Fidelity VR. The current games and accessories all work together meaning no one will be left behind with this console update. Xbox is dubbing this as the most powerful console ever made.

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