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League of Legends Tops MMO Revenue List

A new study done by SuperData Research reports that some interesting statistics about the MMO and MOBA games. These two types of games now control 21% of the digital game market worldwide and are expecting to generate $13 Billion in revenue a year by 2017.


So far this year, League of Legends leads the pack in terms of revenue. The game has had revenue sales of $946 million. SuperData released this statement…


“The recent news that World of Warcraft saw a 600,000 increase in its subscriber base in the lead-up to its new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, silenced critics of the subscription-based MMO revenue model. Generating well over $1 billion in annual revenues, the game is on track to tally 8.2 million subscribers by the end of the year. Its underlying mechanics have changed, however, as World of Warcraft now also offers microtransactions and a partial free-to-play component. It is a sign that things are changing, especially for the major publishers, when a company like Activision retires Titan and, instead, doubles down on Heroes of the Storm.”

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