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Kotaku Receives Major Backlash After Promoting Emulation Of 3 Day Old Game

Video game outlet Kotaku has started to receive some major backlash after publishing an article discussing how well the recently released Metroid Dread is running on Switch emulators. This is mostly due to the game only being out for 72 hours.

It also doesn’t help that they have such quotes such as “Hey, real quick: If you are a Nintendo lawyer or employee, just like… don’t read this. It was a silly mistake. Ignore this blog. You can go now.” which is at the beginning of the article and the ending stating “Thank God for pirates, emulators, modders, and hackers..”

The article essentially discusses that thanks to some copies making it out in the wild prior to the official release date, the ROM has already been created and is able to run in 4K resolution on some Switch emulators.

The gaming community seems to be split on the article itself. Some have said that the issues are with how close it is to the release date and not emulation itself. Others have pointed out that PC Gamer recently published an article discussing the same thing.

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