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Insiders Reveal Walmart And GameStop Managers Plan On Scalping PS5 Units From Own Store

In the latest video uploaded by Camelot331, insiders for both GameStop and Walmart have admitted that store managers and keyholders have started openly admitting to some of their fellow associates that they plan on reselling them on Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

One anonymous person who works as a electronics department manager at Walmart stated:

This will probably get me fired unless it is happening at more stores, but my back of store manager is going to be scalping all the PS5s that come in or at least a large portion of them. He was bragging about how he was going to make ten grand off all of them.

He mentioned it and now another manager is in on it. I don’t know how they are going to get away with it, but they will. They steal pretty much everything that comes in and just shrink it out. It’s a toxic environment and I hate them all.

Playstation 5 units have continued to be scalped across the internet since its launch and many have started asking fellow gamers and the general public to not give in to the scalpers.

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