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Gaming Graveyard: Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties

Once in a while a game comes out that is so cheesy it’s funny. When you add cheesiness to a bad game, you get Plumber’s Don’t Wear Ties. Plumber’s Don’t Wear Ties came out in the early 90s for the 3DO. Making it exclusively for the 3DO was mistake number one right off the back.

The game is about a guy named John who wakes up to a phone call from his mother who complains that she never sees him to girls and wants him to settle down and have kids. He goes to an office building and while he’s in the parking lot, he meets a girl named Kate.


The story is really hard to explain, as the game opens with a video cutscene of Kate, who pretty much explains what’s going to happen to the game, which even then is still confusing. First off, let me just say that this game was classified as an “Interactive Romantic Comedy”. While it is sort of interactive, it really isn’t even that.

Let me start off with the bad by saying that it takes 15 minutes to go through all the cutscenes before you even get the option to do something. Which aren’t even in video format, they’re all in slideshows. You watch the cutscenes and pick between 2 or 3 options. If you choose the wrong one, you will get a buzzer and have to start all over again.


The voice acting is not good. You can clearly tell that it’s scripted. They don’t even bother trying to make it sound realistic at all. You even get a narrator who makes the game unbearable as you get commentary and gives you lots of filters. One scene, they even screw up the lines and don’t even bother changing it. They just leave the blooper like it was supposed to be an Easter Egg or something. You can even clearly hear the guys off the camera laughing and everyone else on the set laughing about it.

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I don’t really want to go into much more detail about it. I’m actually having a hard time describing the game right now as it is. Only thing I can say is that this is probably the best known game on the 3DO for all the wrong reasons. Like I mentioned in a previous opinion piece, this is what I consider a game in which it’s so bad it’s good. I highly suggest just searching the game on Youtube for some good laughs. I highly recommend it. Then you can see why it belongs here in the Gaming Graveyard.

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